Metro Exodus


After the assault on D6, Artyom ends up disillusioned with the steady infighting and defilement inside the Metro and leaves the Spartan Order. He before long ends up fixated on demonstrating that other human survivors exist outside of Moscow and makes various risky endeavours to the surface, a lot to Anna's worry and Miller's disappointment.

Be that as it may, on one such campaign with Anna, they witness a working train running superficially. Before they can tail it, they are caught by Hansa officers alongside a few people who guarantee to be from outside of Moscow. The Hansa warriors execute different detainees and Artyom is shot and left for dead.

Enduring the gunfire, Artyom pursues the troopers to their base to protect Anna, and in the process accidentally devastates a sign jammer that was hindering all correspondences going all through Moscow. Radio transmissions from everywhere throughout the world start to be grabbed, and Artyom and Anna acknowledge humankind has not become wiped out. They escape by taking one of Hansa's trains with the guide of a deserted Hansa train architect called Yermak.

As the train leaves, the Spartan Order moves in to retake it and are stunned and befuddled at Artyom and Anna's essence. Realizing that Hansa will have every one of them executed for knowing the reality, Miller reasons that the Spartans' most obvious opportunity with regards to survival is to escape Moscow.

Once outside the city, he uncovers to the others that while a significant number of Russia's urban areas were shelled, the war did not end and NATO continued to involve what was left of the country. To keep more bombs from being dropped on Moscow, the Russian initiative chose to subtly stick all correspondences to cause the outside world to accept no one had endured. They at that point get a radio to communicate from Moscow Defense Command calling for survivors to rally at the "Ark" situated at Mount Yamantau and Miller chooses to head there, accepting that the Ark is the place the Russian government has revamped itself. So Artyom and the crew set out to their journey, in the train they named "Aurora"

The Volga & The Yamantau Mountain

In the wake of intersection the cultist controlled Volga River, the Spartans find themselves trapped on the island, unable to move as their train was severely damaged during the encounter with the cultists that inhabited the island. Artyom acheives success with the group as he recruits residents of the island to help the crew pass the bridge controller by the cultist leader, Silantius.

As the Aurora is rolling along the tracks past the Volga, Spartans achieve the Yamantau base and find that the base's administration group have reverted into barbarians attracting survivors in with the bogus guarantee of security. Artyom and the Spartans figure out how to battle out and escape, however, Miller's confidence in Russia is broken when he finds that the administration never took asylum in Yamantau, or even endure the war, and consequently the Spartans are left pondering what to do straightaway.

The Caspain & Taiga

Utilizing a guide they recouped from Yamantau, they choose to make a trip to a satellite correspondence focus close to the Caspian Sea with expectations of accessing a satellite to discover livable land to settle. At the evaporated survives from the Caspian Sea, the Spartans take water and fuel from the nearby desperados while getting a refreshed satellite guide.

As the Spartans proceed on their voyage, Anna starts to hack up blood, dreading the reason was unintentionally breathing toxin gas during the adventure. They choose to scout a close-by taiga backwoods valley to check whether it is appropriate to settle. While exploring the woodland, Artyom is gotten between two opponent survivor groups, and he finds that the dam shielding the valley from radiation is nearly falling flat, making the region appalling. Artyom comes back to the train to get familiar with Anna's condition has intensified. The main opportunity to spare Anna is to discover the cure in Novosibirsk, however, the whole city is intensely irradiated and prospering with dangerous, mutant creatures.

The Dead City - Novosibirsk

Miller and Artyom choose to head into the city alone to scan for the counteractant in spite of the hazard. They enter the Novosibirsk Metro and locate a young man named Kiril, one of the remainders of the Novosibirsk survivors. Kiril clarifies that his dad left determined to acquire a guide denoting the area of a spotless, livable territory. Mill operator chooses to go get the guide while Artyom heads out to discover the cure. He figures out how to recoup the remedy, yet is gravely injured by a freak and retains an overwhelming portion of radiation. Artyom, Miller, and Kiril come back to the train with the guide and the remedy, however, Miller passes on of radiation harming in transit back after utilizing a portion of against radiation serum implied for himself to spare Artyom. The remainder of the Spartans gives their very own blood to give Artyom a basic blood transfusion. Anna is relieved with the counteractant and with the guide, the Spartans choose the shores of Lake Baikal, which is free from radiation.